One More Thing: What’s your favorite TV moment? 

The scene in “Friends” when Rachel and the gang see in a home video that Ross got all dressed up to take Rachel to her prom when she thought her date stood her up. Everyone’s reaction was shock and admiration, and Rachel saw the heart in Ross.
Hope Feldscher Horwitz, Moorestown


I was way too young to be able to call myself a fan of “Cheers” when it was on, but I have a memory at age 6 of having a clear emotional reaction to the finale. Ted Danson’s character saying, “Sorry, we’re closed” was the perfect way to end a show. Re-watching the entire series has only made me appreciate that moment even more.
Stephen Wilson, Cherry Hill


I cry whenever Santa shows up at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.
Jasmine Riel, Cherry Hill


I got chills watching the news when President Obama officially won the election. People came together and celebrated not just a new president but progress for our country.
Samantha Hurley, Marlton


I am obsessed with “The Office,” and my favorite moment is when Kevin Malone brings in a pot of his famous chili so “everyone can get to know each other in the pot,” and then ends up spilling it all over the office floor. They never talk about it again. Did Kevin get it cleaned up? Did he serve the chili he scooped off the floor and put back into the pot? I like to think he did.
Ann Rothenberg, Cherry Hill


I might be dating myself, but my favorite moment in TV history was when VHS went away…no more rewinding!
Janelle Post, Audubon


My favorite moment is the classic 2005 Tyra Banks freak-out on “America’s Next Top Model” on contestant Tiffany – “We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!”
Paige Lisicki, Medford


I loved the coverage of William and Kate’s royal wedding. I was in high school at the time, and there was something so magical about waking up early to watch a fairytale wedding.
Alexis Arnell, Burlington


The “West Wing” episode that aired after 9/11. The White House was on lockdown, and the senior staff took the opportunity to spend time in the White House cafeteria to talk with a visiting school group. The President also made a visit and spoke very directly to the group. It was moving, relatable, and also very patriotic and inspirational.
Michele Von Deak, Moorestown


I loved the “Will & Grace” episode when Matt Damon guest starred. He was auditioning against Jack for a spot in the Gay Men’s Chorus. Their antics in their auditions are hysterical and Matt Damon (besides being super sexy) can really sing!
Suzanne Fox, Cherry Hill


In “Schitt’s Creek,” when Alexis finally gets her college diploma (after four hard-working months), There’s an unfortunate typo that the family has a great time laughing about. David’s reaction has me on the floor cracking up every time I watch the scene.
Rose Sheldon, Mount Laurel

February 2020
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