One More Thing: What’s helping you keep life normal?

Virtual get-togethers with my friends. Since we’re not super busy running to activities, my besties and I have been FaceTiming each other every night for cocktail hour.
Shelly Brown, Merchantville

Our 2011 Wii is making a resurgence! As a result my 16-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter are actually talking to each other.
Juli Mandel Sloves, Voorhees

Since I’m wearing sweatpants (nobody can see them over Zoom conferences), I’m
taking frequent yoga pose breaks that I wouldn’t do in the office. I’m also pausing to pet my dog, who is the only one in my household who seems to be unfazed by the new normal.
Marlene Schmidt, Bellmawr

I’m still waking up at the same time, eating meals at the same time (so I don’t end up snacking all day), and exercising on my normal schedule. Everything feels different right now, so I’m taking any chance to maintain some sort of normalcy.
Mary Healey, Moorestown

The three of us are cooking a lot together and going to the baseball field to get exercise. My husband pitches, my son hits and I collect the balls.
Debra Jacobs-Janove, Cherry Hill

My girlfriend and I have been going to happy hour every day, and by that I mean at 5:30 we sit at the counter that was probably only meant for decoration and we drink beer.
Conner Kianka, Haddonfield

We’ve all been given one day a week when our playlist will be listened to all day. My kids have had fun creating their lists, and we’ve all been introduced to new music. (That’s not always a good thing.)
Jonathan Leonard, Mullica Hill

We are supplementing the “curriculum” with some good old-fashioned home ec “classes” by teaching my sons (who are completely uninterested in learning how to cook) to cook and bake. We’re sneaking in some chemistry lessons too.
Miriam Stern, Cherry Hill

I keep clearing off the kitchen counters. My kids are home from college, and usually when they’re home the house suddenly becomes cluttered. I just have this feeling that if I can keep everything clutter-free, we’ll all feel better. It’s simple, but I think it helps.
Janice Long, Lumberton

This can be a really stressful time right now, but my dog is loving it. Now that I’m working from home, we’re going on long walks to get outside. He can snooze right next to me all day and play fetch during my normal lunch break. He’s just so happy to have me home that it makes me happy to be home, even if the reason isn’t great.
Kathleen Pipcho, Turnersville

I’m potty training my 2-year-old. Wish me luck!
Chrissy Guglielmucci, Marlton

I’m making sure my family gets outside as much as possible while we’re still able to. Whether that is going on a run, hiking or just doing work from the porch — anything to keep us from being inside too much.
Michael O’Brien, Pennsauken

I’m doing everything as normal, just trying to draw it out a little more. My workouts are a little bit longer, my dinners are a little more elaborate (and when my recipes don’t go as planned, they’re extra awful), and I’m doing a lot of work around the house (new key hook by the door) and I finally remembered to water the plants I’ve been ignoring for too long.
Laura Clearey, Cape May

A week ago I never called anyone on the phone, and now I’m Facetiming anyone and everyone. My mom is thrilled.
Bill McCoy, Cherry Hill

April 2020
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